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February 22, 2013 / selenium34

Which bindings do you use? Which is the most interesting?

It’s been far too long since there has been any new content on this space. This actually wasn’t even the article I intended on being published next, but so it goes.

Obviously all of the examples on this site thus far have been written in Java, mainly due to experience with it on our team. However I have seen so many different bindings/DSLs for Selenium, that it has gotten me curious. What tools are you using? Is it the language you use in your day to day work? Is it a scripting language? Is it something else entirely?

We have looked at geb + spock, phantomjs + ghostdriver, watir + watirwebdriver, and at the native implementations (Java, C#, Ruby, & Python). What other tools are you looking at for your testing purposes?  Have you worked with any of these? What do you like/dislike about them? What do you feel is lacking in this space?



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  1. autumnator / Jun 18 2013 11:28 pm

    I use Java primarily with partial page object implementation & JUnit, customized test framework. But I’ve used Python bindings for interactive test development to figure out the needed Selenium API calls and locators to use before putting them in actual test scripts in Java. I find its easier to test out code interactively in Python shell than run with debugger & breakpoints in Java. Granted one can do same in Ruby, but I am more familiar with Python. I also find the Python binding API to be easy & straightforward to use compared to Java (less classes, no type casting, and less need to nest or chain up calls like find element then by type as it’s a single method call in Python).

    I’ve also explored using Selenium WebDriver with various PHP bindings. It’s interesting to use as well, not feature complete compared to official bindings but works well still, and in ways also easier to use than Java, though PHP doesn’t have a shell with good exception handling like Python, so testing out code could crash the shell if the code throws exceptions. In terms of PHP bindings, the Facebook one is most interesting as it requires you to understand more of the JSONWireProtocol to use it effectively, while the php-webdriver-bindings project on Google Code provides the best matching API to the official Seleninum binding APIs, with minimal need to know the JSONWireProtocol.

    • selenium34 / Jun 19 2013 6:03 pm

      Facebook has just released new bindings according to their presentation at the selenium conference.

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